Can I use the music I create on Soundful?

Free users can use tracks they download from Soundful for personal and non-commercial projects, all we ask is that you credit Soundful.

Premium users can use tracks to monetize across social media, websites, and online ads.

You can even buy the copyright, and own the tracks you create.

What’s the best way to use Soundful?

Desktop is the best way to use Soundful, and get the best use from every feature we offer.

You can use Soundful on your mobile device as well to create and access your music anywhere you go.

How much does soundful cost?

Soundful is always free for users. If you want more functionality and downloads a premium subscription starts around $8 per month.

Who can use Soundful?

Everyone! Soundful is for beginners and experts alike. From content creators to music producers and everyone in between, you can create and find what you are looking for on Soundful.

In what formats can I download music?

How does Soundful work?

Soundful allows you to produce studio quality tracks in seconds. By simply choosing a genre and template, visitors to Soundful can quickly craft the right music for any purpose.