Soundtrack Your Reels: Add Music from an AI Song Generator  

Captivating your audience with creative and engaging content is key in social media. Regarding Instagram Reels, nothing sets the mood and enhances your storytelling like the perfect soundtrack. That’s where the revolutionary AI Song Generator comes into play.  

This powerful tool can transform your Reels into amazing experiences, taking your content to the next level. It doesn’t matter what you want to achieve; the AI Song Generator is a game-changer you won’t want to miss.  

We prepared this guide to walk you through the process of adding AI-generated music to your Instagram Reels. 

Importance of music on Instagram 

Music has transformed the whole experience in the platform, mixing it with emotion and creativity. 

Features like Stories and Reels allow users to pair their content with music, elevating everyday moments into engaging narratives. This integration has made Instagram more immersive and expressive, fostering deeper connections between users. 

Nowadays, we can find trendy music in our everyday Reels, and that has changed the whole music industry. 

How to generate the perfect song for my Reels in Soundful 

To explore your creativity and make the perfect tune for your In Reels without the risk of copyright infringement, Soundful is the perfect AI Song Generator for you.  

This guide will show you how to make your own music, with help from the Soundful AI Music Generator API, one step at a time. 

Soundful, AI Song Generator

1. Create an account:  

This is the easiest part of the process; you can sign in with any e-mail or, for an easier path, a Google account.  

Remember that you can sign up for free, but we have different options to adapt to your needs.

2. Start creating:  

After signing in, you’ll be able to enter our Home Page.  

On the left side, you’ll find our menu bar, where you can click the Collections option. After you click on it, you’ll have a couple of options automatically displayed, where you’ll find one called Social Media.

In this section, there is a button that says Create. Here’s where you can start the magic of the AI Song Generator.  

Soundful's Social Media overview

3. Choose your mood:  

Are you in a Dance Floor or a Relaxing mood? Soundful has different options for you!  

Let’s say your Reel is about relaxing on the beach, so you can have AI-generated Lofi Music to add to your content. What you will do is:  

  1. On Select Style, you’ll click on Relaxing.  
  1. Select the Key for your tune. If you don’t have a music background, you can search for a song you like and use apps like KeyFinder.  
  1. Name your track.  
  1. Click on Create Preview. You can do it as many times as you need until you get the perfect tune.  
  1. Save your creation.  
Soundful's Relaxing Social Media overview

4. Download your tune:  

After saving, your music will go to the My Library option on the left menu. That’s where we’ll start the last part of this process.  

  1. Find your song.  
  2. Click on Get.
  3. Select the format that you’ll use for the download. For this purpose, we recommend mp3.  
  4. Select Start & Download.   

Your render could take up to 10 minutes, so be patient; you can use that time to start editing your reel.  

Soundful's My Library overview

Integrate your AI Song Generator music to your Reel

You can find different options to edit your Reels. For starters, you can use the editing features of Instagram, but you won’t be able to add your AI Song Generator music.  

The recommendation for you is to use CapCut; it will help you to add music from your library freely. This app could be similar to platforms such as Adobe Premiere, but its interface is easier to use.  

What you must do to add your AI-generated music is to drag your mp3 file into the audio spot in the project timeline and edit the duration that you require, depending on the length of your Reel.  


Adding AI Song Generator music to your Instagram Reels is a simple task when you have the correct tools as Soundful and CapCut.  

Sometimes, you may not feel the tunes available on the Instagram platform, but there’s no issue. Use the AI in your favor; you only need to get the mood of what you want to post, think about the key, and you’re ready to add extra creativity to your content.  

For more information about what Soundful can help you accomplish, visit our pricing website.