Introducing Ableton AI Music Export on Soundful

Calling All Music Producers! 

We’re thrilled to announce an exciting new feature for the Soundful AI Music Generator platform. Starting now, pro users can download their AI Music creations directly as an Ableton project file in .als format with both the stems and MIDI loaded in as well as section markers for your track’s arrangement. 

Helping people realize their musical ideas is at the heart of what we do at Soundful. We also know that an optimized workflow is critical to keeping you focused and remaining in a creative mindset longer so you can work your magic. Distractions or tedious processes can interrupt your flow and slow the creative journey. We understand the struggle, and it’s real. 

When we started Soundful, our ambition was not only to use the power of AI to create a world-class generative music engine but we also wanted to serve our community by deploying meaningful tools that advantage our users and remove some of the overwhelming complexity of music production. 

This capability is another step in the right direction. Ableton has a large audience, but rest assured, we are developing similar integrations with other major music production software platforms to be released in the coming months. 

Understanding the Power of Stems & MIDI

What Are Stems?

A stem is an isolated audio file that plays an individual element of a song. When each “stem” is combined in audio production software like Ableton, they are more commonly called “Stems”. They represent the track’s sounds like drums, percussion, bass, leads, FX, pads, and vocals that are exported separately.  

AI Music producer working with stems.

Why Are They Useful?

Stems are used for a variety of reasons during the music production process. Most importantly, they allow the producer unique control over each stem for the specific processing of that sound. Whether you are new to creating music, or an advanced producer, using stems to shape the sound gives you ultimate control.

What Is MIDI?

MIDI stands for Musical Instrument Digital Interface which represents musical notation over time. Simply put, a MIDI file will show you which notes are played, when the notes are played, how long the notes are and can convey additional information like velocity. 

Why Is MIDI Eseful?

Having a track’s MIDI allows you to easily modify song components like melodies, chord progressions and rhythms. This gives you more control over the musical elements of your song. 

Benefits of Using Ableton AI Music Export

So what exactly are the benefits of using the Ableton export feature? Below are just a few: 

Seamless Project Integration

Downloading natively into an Ableton ALS file is a major life hack. Not only is it easy, but it also saves critical time importing, aligning, and labeling each stem.

Automatic Song Structuring

Optimizing your project is critical. So to help out, when opening the ALS file into Ableton, the timeline is loaded with markers identifying the song’s structure.

Less Organizing. More Creating.

We know your time is precious. Stop spending it setting up your project and free yourself up to do more of what you do best – creating music.

Overall our export as Ableton feature is built for music producers and is designed to help you boost your workflow and stay in a creative state longer by eliminating tedious setup tasks. This allows you to spend more time being creative and bringing your tracks to life. 

Why Did We Build This?

As music producers first, we’ve always strived to build the tools that will make our lives easier and that we actually want to use. After generating a new idea with Soundful, our next step is always to manually set up an Ableton session, drag in the AI Music stems, organize them and set the section markers. Sure there are template setups you can leverage in Ableton to help with some of this, but the manual effort was unavoidable. 

We’ve always prioritized workflow as a key aspect of productivity for any music producer. Getting into a flow state is important and the more time you spend with set up and redundant tasks, the less time you’ll spend in a creative flow. 

We embarked on developing a first of its kind capability that would help automate this entire process directly from Soundful loading all of your stems and MIDI directly into Ableton. This is a capability we plan to build on and further customize, but already, you can save time and get straight to the fun part – writing music!

When Can I Try This?

As of today, anyone with a pro subscription to Soundful can begin using our export as Ableton capabilities. We invite you to try this capability and share any feedback as we continue improving the platform. 

Rest assured, we are working to build capabilities for additional DAWs such as FL Studio, Logic and Pro Tools.