AI vs. Human Creativity: How They Can Work Together

Artificial intelligent systems like ChatGPT, Dall-E and Soundful have become front and center in the discourse of those existing in the creative domains, causing both panic and intrigue. Copywriters, marketers, content creators, artists and musicians alike are asking if artificial intelligence venturing into creative domains is an unwanted encroachment on territory reserved for humans or a welcomed tool that will unleash the next generation of creators.

The music industry has always been a melting pot of creativity, inspiration, and innovation. But with the rise of artificial intelligence (AI), the way we create, produce, and consume music and other media is undergoing a seismic shift. While some see AI systems moving into the creative space as a threat to human creativity, at Soundful, we see it as an opportunity each industry has never seen before.

One of the major, and rather obvious advantages of generative AI in general is speed. The speed with which you can generate a response to a question, create a new image, video or musical idea is a profound shift that can be leveraged by creatives to work faster than ever before. The ability to bring creative ideas to life in seconds has completely changed an individual or team’s workflow and exponentially increased their capacity to create. For example, by using Soundful, music creators have the opportunity to generate endless musical ideas, download the stem and MIDI files within minutes, and take the project forward in their DAW of choice, allowing them to customize and finish more projects at a time.

It takes years of hard work to develop the skills necessary to navigate complex software and study music theory in order to create works of art. Seeing AI produce similar results in seconds can cause an understandable, knee-jerk reaction that AI is on a mission to replace them. While the ease of use for these tools will help the average content creator significantly, generative AI tools are a true super power in the hands of those who have put in the time to develop their creative skills and understand how to build off of what Soundful creates initially.

Generative AI systems are often thought of as cold and lack a creative touch. After all, they are just taking in massive datasets, identifying patterns and re-organizing information, But what sets Soundful apart from other AI music generators is the true human touch. Our team of producers work in collaboration with our AI technology to train the engine with the highest quality sounds and music-theory algorithms using one-shot samples only.

For example, any music producer will tell you that sample selection is absolutely critical in production and takes a well-trained ear to execute properly. While artificial intelligence can create a spectrogram, perform timbre analysis, and help classify sounds in their respective places at tremendous speeds, the trained human ear will always be required. Soundful leverages our team of music production experts to determine if particular sounds are effective in the right context which is necessary for studio quality music productions.

It’s important to remember that AI is not a replacement for human creativity. It’s a tool that can help us enhance our creativity and accelerate our ability to make better content faster than ever before. At Soundful, we believe that the future of music creation is the collaboration between human creativity and AI, where the best of both worlds come together to create something truly special.